EagleCon FAQs

What is EagleCon?

EagleCon is my Eagle Scout project.

I’ve partnered with the Autism Society of South Carolina to create an autism awareness day with gaming convention elements.

Where did you get the idea for EagleCon?

I’m a high functioning autistic (what used to be called “Aspergers Syndrome”) and what I’ve seen is that there are a lot of misunderstandings about what it means to be on the autism spectrum.

And so EagleCon was my idea to help educate adults, children, parents – to let people know what the autism spectrum is and to help children on the autism spectrum deal with issues around communication and executive functioning.

I also like going to gaming conventions. I’ve found that gaming helps with some of these issues and that people at cons tend to be accepting of everyone. That’s the atmosphere I want to help create.

What challenges has EagleCon faced because of COVID-19?

We were originally scheduled to run EagleCon in April, but the virus caused us to have to delay. We then rescheduled to July and instituted a wide array of precautions (temperature checks, required masks or shield, social distancing), but our venue temporarily closed down due to COVID concerns.

Because of this, we made the difficult decision to move EagleCon 2020 fully online and have it take place on Saturday, August 15.

What events will you have at EagleCon?

We have a number of informational panels scheduled via Zoom.

  • Life With Autism
  • Youths With Autism
  • What does the Autism Society Do?
  • Parents of Autistic Children
  • Autism and Special Education

We also have gaming opportunities, such as Dungeons & Dragons and Cyberpunk.

And there will be door prizes and free raffles. We’ve gotten a lot of support from some major gaming companies like Wizards of the Coast (who make D&D) and R. Talsorian Games (who make The Witcher and Cyberpunk), as well as support from Publix locally.

How can we attend?


Where can we go to learn more?

We have a website (, Facebook, and Twitter.

EagleCon will be Saturday, August 15 from 1 to 8 PM.